Volvo XC70 Car Review

The XC70 offers buyers 4×4 capabilities while maintaining the functionality of an estate car. Now, there are similar vehicles on the market that offer all-wheel drive capabilities and decent on-road driving experiences, Volvo was definitely a pioneer in this sector, leading the way with its Volvo XC70.
The car was originally called the V70 Cross Country before adopting the abbreviated ‘XC’ badge. The brand is now highly recognized and a popular sub-brand. The car has under gone some significant enhancements in order to keep the car fresh and competitive.
The latest round of exterior styling tweaks are not entirely successful, with plastic headlamp lenses replacing the more attractive glass used previously, and oversized skidplates but the XC70 still has plenty of appeal among buyers and remains competitive. Interior revisions have been minimal and that is due largely to the fact that the car’s cabin was already one of the most comfortable and spacious cabins of any estate car.
The car offers enough cabin space for all passengers, and the driver has more than enough space as well. Rear passengers have a little less room, but they are adequately provided for. The car’s boot is very large and should come in handy when transporting larger items or luggage.
An XC70 enjoys some serious off-roading skills. Only the roughest of terrains will stop the XC70, otherwise the car should be able to handle most challenging terrain head on. The car is ideal for snowy and icy conditions.

A former tendency to roll through corners has been corrected in the newest version of the XC70. Buyers will have to choose between the quick but thirsty 2.5 T petrol and the slower but more assured D5 diesel.



An XC70 is an expensive purchase. The car does provide a high standard of quality and reflects the price well. Buyers will not be left to wonder what they paid so much for, not to mention the Volvo badge is being perceived more and more as a premium manufacturer. Fuel and insurance costs will be significant as well. The car’s resale values will be high though.
The XC70 is spacious and offers a lot of versatility with the flexible loadspace of a large estate with enhanced traction, it can cope with large, heavy loads and yet carry a load of passengers in comfort. The XC70 offers plenty of space and practicality and drives and handles more like a car than a van.
The car’s controls and dials are pretty basic. They are clear and simple without being too flashy or complicated. The quality of materials used is high and although the contrlos and displays are basic, they give the cabin a quality look and feel.
The car’s cabin is extremely comfortable with seats that provide the maximum level of comfort. The front seat passengers are well catered for, and the driver’s seat provides electronic seat adjustment. The controls are more than just common sense and practical, they are logically and comfortably located.
The car’s doors and boot are very heavy, but are large and provide a wide aperture for good access to the car’s cabin area. The car’s raised height means that passengers are easily able to slide into the seats without too much fuss. The boot can be more difficult to load due to the car’s height.
Despite the car’s large size, it is not too difficult to park. Thanks to the car’s raised seating position visibility is good, and the car provides good weighted steering as well. Rear parking sensors are available on the options list and may be a good idea.

Life Style


The car’s raised height and the weight of the car impairs its ability to be nimble but not as much as one might expect. Enhanced handling coupled with the automatic transmission provides an excellent and grounded driving experience, and adds a touch of practicality in the way of the car’s ‘winter setting’. Petrol-engine models are fast, hitting 60mph in around eight seconds.
This is an excellent family vehicle. The car’s cabin is very spacious providing more than enough room for a family and all their gear. The trunk is spacious and the car is well-built and durable. Throw in Volvo’s excellent reputation for safety and you have the makings for an awesome family car.
This is not likely to be a good first car. It offers very little to appeal to new drivers, and the car’s premium price tag is likely to make it even more of a remote choice for first time buyers. The car’s fuel economy is not great either. There are far better choices available for a first car.
The XC70 will do much to help Volvo in reaching its goal in becoming a more premium manufacturer. The car’s underpinnings hold it back somewhat from seeming totally modern and competitive with other premium brands despite the car’s premium feel.

Security and Safety


The XC70 is an expensive and attractive car. The car comes equipped standard with an anti-theft alarm, an engine immobiliser and panic function, remote central locking, a movement sensor and even a steel load protection net. Other security features are available from the options list.
The car’s standard safety features include SIPS, WHIPS and DSTC with EBA. Larger side mirrors, Volvo’s own Blind spot Information System (BLIS) that is supposed to warn of unseen dangers, and items such as ISOFIX mountings and powered child locks are available on the options list.

The Finishing Touches


The car’s standard audio system has been upgraded to the more premium Dolby Pro Logic II and has new separate buttons for quick selection of radio stations and functions. The 11-speaker Premium sound system is included in SE Lux specification. Both systems are of high quality and boast excellent sound quality.
The SE specification includes leather upholstery, front fog lights, folding door mirrors, and Electronic Climate Control. SE Lux models gain an electric passenger seat, headlamp washers, heated front seats, walnut wood trim, bi-xenon lamps and a Premium sound system. Dark exterior colours are not as flattering to the car’s exterior design.



The XC70 will appeal to a broad group of buyers. The car is durable and versatile enough to be used as a workhorse, or elegant and comfortable enough to be used as a family vehicle. The Volvo badge carries enough clout to appeal to the more badge conscious buyer as well.

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