Aston Martin Vanquish Car Review

The Aston Martin Vanquish is a fast, modern, well-polished machine. It’s beautiful, sleek body style is almost breath taking. The high performance super- tourer has much to brag about. It’s a 6.0 litre V12 is capable of producing 520 bhp. Aston claims a 200mph maximum, and the ability to reach 60mph in under five seconds. The car has a standard 480bhp option that is almost as fast.
For all the power, this car is amazingly easy to drive. The standard Vanquish is not a sports car. It is a top-notch grand tourer that can cover a large distance in a short amount of time without sacrificing comfort, safety, or style.
There is a buyer’s waiting list for the Vanquish that is months long. That might not be a bad thing for those who wish to purchase one. The wait will give you adequate enough time to save up for all of the additional costs that will be incurred (fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc).
The Aston screams superb quality from the parts, to the engine, to the beautiful aluminium shell. Unfortunately the same quality was not used on the interior of the cabin. The leathers and plastics that are used in the cabin come across as inferior compared to the quality of the rest of the car.


The Vanquish is an upscale car that is costly to purchase and upkeep. Insurance is extremely high for this vehicle, maintenance is equally high, and it is not a fuel saving vehicle. The vehicle must be refueled approximately every 250 miles.
Cabin space is adequate but larger passengers may find it a bit too cosy. The Aston provides a good driving position and all knobs and controls are logically placed, easy to find, and easy to use.
The cabin is comfortable and comes with two seating options. The Vanquish is not built to comfortably seat four passengers; therefore, the two seating arrangement makes more sense. The additional room in the rear can be used to store luggage.
The car comes equipped with a formula-1 style shifter that even has a fully automatic mode. The car has several niceties, but doesn’t come equipped with as many fine additions as you would expect.
The Aston Vanquish is easily accessible to most passengers of average size. Rear seating capacity is very limited with the four-seater option. Rear legroom is extremely limited and would not be a comfortable ride for an extended period of time. Parking may be somewhat difficult due to the limited rearward visibility.

Life Style

The Aston Vanquish has amazing driver appeal. It’s beautiful, fast, and powerful. It has a comfortable driving position that helps to accommodate driver comfort on long journeys.  The Aston is powerful, but it is not a sports car. It is meant to be used as a traveling tool for the mature driver.
The Vanquish is not a good family car. Even though there is an option for seating for four, rear seating is limited. The Vanquish is not designed to meet the demands of a traditional family car. It would be difficult to load and unload small children (car seats) from the rear.
The Vanquish would not make a good first car. It is expensive to purchase, and parts and maintenance are equally expensive. The Vanquish does not get good fuel mileage and must be refueled approximately every 250 miles. It is a larger car with limited rear visibility making it difficult for new drivers to park.
The Aston Vanquish is made from quality materials, including well crafted mechanical parts. The interior design was not held to such high standards and though constructed of adequate quality, it doesn’t seem to match the exterior quality.

Security and Safety

Ford has always complied with meeting or exceeding industry safety standards, therefore it is no surprise that as the most prestigious car in Ford’s Premier Automotive Group the Vanquish has all the regular security features and a few extras. One extra includes a winter setting for the gearbox. This setting adjusts tracking accordingly to adjust to wintry weather conditions and to enhance safety.
Standard models come complete with airbags, central locking systems and anti-lock brakes. Also included with the standard package is an alarm and immobilizer system and locking wheel nuts.

The Finishing Touches

The standard package comes with a unique fit RDS radio, and a muti-CD changer. The sound quality is good and other upgrades are available, such as a hands-free phone, and a satellite navigation system.
One benefit to joining the waiting list of buyers is that it should be fairly easy to get the Vanquish in exactly the right color.


The Aston Martin Vanquish is a great car for the experienced driver with the financial means to sustain maintenance, insurance, and fuel expenses. The coupe delivers all that it promises and more. It is fast, elegant, functional, comfortable, and reliable. It is no wonder that buyers are willing to wait for this remarkable car.

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