Renault Grand Espace Car Review

Renault’s Espace has enjoyed staying power thanks to the company’s ability to change as the needs of buyers change. The Renault Grand Espace sports a very stylish exterior and an abundance of cabin space. The Grand Espace has been designed with families in mind.

The modern version has come a long way since Renault first introduced the original Espace. The utilitarian approach was abandoned as newer models have focused largely on style and comfort.
The traditional MPV has been losing popularity as buyers seek more class and style and are more likely to opt for a premium off-roader instead. The Espace has been one of the few MPVs that have been able to evolve and change as the market demands it.
The car’s cabin boasts high quality materials and an abundance of space. The car also provides individual seats, and a versatile layout. There are many additional features designed for family comfort on both longer and shorter trips.
The car’s diesel option is the best choice for performance and efficiency. The car drives well on the road and for most drivers who will never leave the tarmac, the Espace makes more sense than a 4X4. Although not everyone will be able to afford it the Grand Espace would make a comfortable and practical family vehicle.



The Grand Espace is an expensive car both to buy and maintain. The insurance rates will be low and resale values will be high. The servicing charges will be offset by decent fuel economy, assuming you opted for the diesel variant.
The seven-seater van has plenty of room in the cabin both for front and rear occupants. With the seats folded, they make a handy table for other rear occupants. With all the seats folded the boot is enlarged dramatically. Even with all the seats up, all passengers have plenty of space as head and legroom is plentiful throughout the entire car.
The ventilation controls are located in the front doors. This clears the fascia area and creates more room for audio buttons making them clear and concise. The main dials and gauges are easy to read and are logically located.
The Grand Espace is longer and provides a smoother ride. Inside the cabin the chairs are all comfortable and supportive. Head and legroom are more than sufficient throughout the entire cabin.

For front passengers, accessing the cabin is easy. For the rear passengers, getting in through the car-style rear doors is less than practical, especially in crowded car lots. The boot is easy to access through the large rear hatch.
The Grand Espace is a large vehicle. And even with great visibility, light steering, and smooth acceleration; parking sensors are a must.

Life Style


Space and practically are the main selling factors of the Grand Espace. The Espace also handles well and is geared primarily toward comfort. The steering tends to be overlight, and the gearboxes aren’t responsive enough. The Espace does provide a high driving position that comes in very handy.


The Grand Espace makes an excellent family car thanks to its large cabin and versatile seating layout. It will easily accommodate all passengers large and small in very decent comfort. The Grand Espace makes great sense for a growing family.
The Grand Espace is probably not the best first car due to its large size. The Espace is easy enough to drive, with light steering and good visibility. The car will also be too expensive for most novice drivers to buy and run.
Renault’s reputation for quality has suffered in recent years due to trouble with reliability and electronic difficulties. The Grand Espace is evidence that the company is working to turn things around. The firm has made a huge effort to address quality concerns and the Grand Espace is proof of that.  Cabin build quality is impressive, and the build quality is much better than previous models.

Security and Safety


The Grand Espace is a very desirable car and comes equipped standard with a complete comprehensive security package. There are also plenty of features within the cabin that help to conceal valuables from prying eyes.
Like most Renault products the Espace scores high in safety. You get plenty of airbags and a good range of electronic aides. Isofix child seat mounting points are included and should help bring peace of mind to parents.

The Finishing Touches


The car’s standard audio system is excellent and produces good sound quality. There is also a sat-nav system available on the options list.
Light coloured fabrics, quality leathers and wood trim combine to give the cabin a very high-class feel. The car’s exterior is attractive in rich metallic hues and attractive alloy wheels.



Renault’s attempt to reinvent their image from a budget car maker to a producer of stylish cars is helped tremendously with the production of the Grand Espace. This is one MPV that will not have much competition even from the high end of this sector. The Espace is stylish and very desirable.

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